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People, Skills and Knowledge

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It’s the people that make TRC a leader in automotive testing and future technologies. For more than 30 years, the TRC team has been focused on providing exemplary service and engineering expertise in a safe, highly confidential environment. Our staff of experts – with experience in data acquisition and analysis, development test methodology, homologation, emerging technologies, research, development and project management – not only assist customers in running their tests, but also in finding engineering solutions to some of their most complex issues.



Project Management

TRC evaluates each customer’s request for specific test type, support and needs and selects the most qualified test team for your project management requirements. This team works closely with the customer to develop an appropriate test matrix and find engineering solutions to our customers’ unique needs, including the necessary personnel, equipment, facilities, and instrumentation. The project manager is responsible for all coordination and scheduling as well as the orderly flow of work, the technical quality, cost control and reporting.

Our professional staff is dedicated to providing you with accurate, timely, and well-planned and organized services with:

  • Various levels of support personnel
  • Engineers
  • Instrumentation technicians
  • Photographers
  • Test drivers
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Auto mechanics
  • Test technicians
  • Mechanical technicians
  • Administrative assistants
  • Project engineering assistants

Contract Engineering

TRC’s proving grounds offers an extensive lineup of Contract Engineering Services, led by a diverse group of technical personnel who dedicate their expertise to specific customers on a full-time or part-time basis, as needed, either at the customer’s location or onsite at TRC’s proving grounds.

Contract Engineering Services include research, development, testing, and analysis in the following areas:

  • Vehicle components
  • Crashworthiness
  • Crash avoidance
  • Biomechanics
  • Test devices
  • Test procedures
  • Product evaluations
  • Mechanical support
  • Test driving

Contract Engineering Services manages field test laboratories and provides project management services to meet customers’ needs.

The range of technical personnel available includes: engineering technicians, mechanical and electrical technicians, engineering assistants, designers, research engineers and research scientists. At your request, we will also provide administrative and laboratory assistants to help with a variety of technical or non-technical services. Trained test drivers can also be made available to meet specific testing needs.

Whatever the need, we will provide high-quality engineering and technical support to help improve the safety, quality, and competitiveness of your products.

Performance Driving School

Performance Driving School

TRC has one of the few Performance Driving Schools in the world known for training engineers on how to properly drive and evaluate test vehicles. TRC offers specialized training to help your staff develop the skills needed to safely enhance vehicle-testing results. The team of professional drivers and experienced instructors provide basic driving skills, evasive and defensive driving, vehicle dynamics, high-performance driving techniques, vehicle evaluation skills, consistency and control during limit maneuvers and more. Through discussion and hands-on experience, safe and consistent driving skills are developed.

Better Drivers

TRC’s instructors have prepared specific class curriculums with in-depth information relating to the driver/vehicle/road relationship. Training focus includes:

  • Basic driving skills
  • Evasive and defensive driving instruction
  • Basic vehicle dynamics
  • High-performance driving techniques
  • Vehicle evaluation skills
  • Consistency and control during limit maneuvers

Course instruction includes:

  • Flexible, organized classroom sessions
  • Dynamic vehicle control
  • Appropriate student-to-instructor ratio
  • Safety-equipped training vehicles
  • Driver performance evaluation/completion certificates
  • Off-site training available


Facilities range from the 7.5-mile (12.1 km) High-speed Oval Test Track, 50-acre (20-hectare) Vehicle Dynamics Area, and 1.5-Mile (2.4 km) Winding Road Course.


TRC’s professional staff includes engineers and test drivers with years of testing and competition experience.

Data Acquisition

The use of a data acquisition system to monitor driver inputs is a particularly effective way to increase understanding and skill levels. Single and multi-day seminars are available.

SkidCar System

An important element of our Driver Training Program is the SkidCar System, an advanced, computer-controlled driver-training tool that can dramatically improve driving skills.

The SkidCar System is a hydraulically controlled unit mounted to the suspension on the training vehicle that exactly duplicates the loss of tire traction at very low speeds (6 to 25 mph/9.7 to 40 kph). Using an electro-hydraulic pump, the mechanism reduces traction by raising or lowering the vehicle’s tires from the road, duplicating hazardous driving conditions, such as ice, snow, rain, or oil- or gas-slickened roads. This low-speed training tool teaches drivers how to avoid skids and loss of control. It has become a critical component of many public safety and low enforcement driver training programs. From inside the car, the instructor can control the system’s 20 different traction settings that duplicate a full range of hazardous driving conditions, and instantly lowers the tires to full contact with the road surface.

Relationships and alliances

Leveraging Relationships and Alliances

Our global partnerships, alliances, and relationships with companies and institutions with unique skills and knowledge make TRC a leader in testing and homologation. We offer companies around the world one-stop shopping for compliance and certification – helping them efficiently and effectively achieve homologation. Our uniqueness as an independent proving ground with ties to academia and the U.S. government, our accumulated automotive industry knowledge and expertise and ever-growing global network help us streamline the certification and compliance process. They also provide new modalities for emerging technologies, and anticipate and solve new, complex problems more efficiently. Our global network of companies and experts are key to providing our customers a seamless turnkey experience.

As more alliances are formed, TRC will have greater reach and more capabilities to offer both domestic and international customers.

Advanced Automotive Research

Advanced Automotive Research

To enhance our own testing capabilities and facility offerings, TRC draws on the interdisciplinary research of the Center for Automotive Research in The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering. As partners, we work daily alongside experts focused on data analysis, using the most state-of-the-art supercomputers in the world, as well as biomechanics, safety, energy and the environment, on multiple research and development projects – finding solutions to the next generation of emerging technologies.

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