As automation and connectivity are reshaping the automotive industry, TRC Inc. remains at the forefront of these technologies. TRC Inc. conducts and enables testing of connected vehicle systems and driving automation systems on all existing test surfaces, including state-of-the-art facilities, built specifically for the development and validation of these technologies. Covering 540 acres of the 4,500-acre site, the new SMARTCenter facilities focus on replicating environments not found in traditional proving ground design. The SMARTCenter has full coverage of both DSRC and C-V2X so that testing can be done at any location. The main traffic intersection is also fully integrated with both standards and can be customized to provide unique or untrue outputs. Finally, TRC Inc. has developed added capabilities to be able to transmit virtual vehicles, traffic signals, or other standard messages to replicate specific test scenarios. 

To maximize the capabilities of these advanced facilities, TRC Inc. has assembled its Advanced Mobility team. This experienced group of research scientists, engineers, project managers, and technicians bring backgrounds in Government Research, Automotive Industry R&D, and other relevant industries. By leveraging these skills and capabilities, TRC Inc. is ready to execute innovative projects in transportation research, including those focused on automated driving systems and connected vehicles. TRC Inc. has direct experience developing and executing comprehensive test programs that consider factors such as safety performance, edge cases, weather effects, cooperation (platooning), and infrastructure. In addition, the Advanced Mobility team is prepared to execute testing on closed courses and public roads, creating a pipeline, which efficiently transitions controlled environment testing into real world deployment for further data collection.

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The SMARTCenter is designed to provide a high degree of flexibility in a controlled variety of real-world scenarios for all types of passenger and commercial vehicles.Supported by TRC Inc.’s many other service offerings, the SMARTCenter is the largest, most comprehensive contained testing site in North America for advanced vehicle technologies and feature.

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