Connected Vehicles

TRC Inc. has experience with testing and developing connected vehicle applications. Some of the specific aspects that have been quantified, include performance with and without clear line of sight, localization accuracy, latency, fuel economy improvement, and detection. Certain applications require more nuanced analysis. For example, for Rail Crossing Violation Warning it is important that a “stop” warning is changed to a clear tracks warning, if the car stops on the track. Using high accuracy GNSS (+/-2cm) and a V2X sniffer, TRC Inc. can determine the when alerts are produced. In addition, the TRC Inc.’s SMARTCenter has full coverage of both DSRC and C-V2X so that testing can be done at any location. The main traffic intersection is also fully integrated with both standards and can be customized to provide unique or untrue outputs. TRC Inc. has also developed added capabilities to be able to transmit virtual vehicles, traffic signals, or other standard messages to replicate specific test scenarios.


  • DSRC and C-V2X connectivity
  • Ability to Inject Virtual Vehicles and Virtual Intersections via BSM, SPAT, and MAP
  • Configurable Traffic Signal Testing
  • Application Prove-out and Testing
  • Test Plan Development

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