Research Consortium for Crashworthiness in Automated Driving Systems (RCCADS)

TRC Inc. is currently leading a consortium of government agencies, automotive manufacturers, and suppliers to develop a foundation of research to inform the development of safety validation methods and tools for automated vehicles, focusing on occupant protection and crashworthiness.

The Research Consortium for Crashworthiness in Automated Driving Systems known as the RCCADS consortium is a collaborative research effort that engages all stakeholders, including industry, government, and academia to help ensure that as vehicles become smarter, they will also be safer. To this end, RCCADS research projects are selected and funded by consortium members and are completed by a pool of qualified research and development institutions, including universities and research and testing companies.


For more information about RCCADS, including how to become a member or how to bid on RCCADS projects, please reach out to:


2021 RCCADS Workshop Presentations


2022 RCCADS Workshop Presentations


2023 RCCADS Workshop Presentations

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