TRC Inc. can test your light duty vehicle, motorcycle or off-road recreational vehicle or product to provide confirmation for exhaust emissions, fuel economy, deposits, combustion performance and evaporative emissions testing (for motorcycles). Timely testing of fuels, additives and lubricants can be performed to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), California Air Resources Board (CARB), or other industry standards. Transportation Research Center Inc. offers experienced personnel, special instrumentation, extensive facilities and laboratory services required to conduct accurate, well planned and organized testing.


  • All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle chassis dynamometer supporting 2WD and AWD testing in a temperature controlled test cell
  • Certification grade 40CFR1065 compliant testing for Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Passenger Vehicle, MPV, SUV and Light Truck testing
  • Chassis-based exhaust emissions and fuel economy testing of gasoline, diesel, LPG, and hybrid powertrain systems
  • Bag only or Bag plus Modal (10Hz) results for THC, CO, CO2, NOx, CH4 and NMHC
  • VL489 Particle Number (PN) counter
  • Fuel analysis of Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP), ASTM D86 Distillation, and ethanol content
  • Various vehicle environmental test chambers for -20° F to 140º F (-29º C to 60º C) soaks


  • Drive Cycles: FTP, HWFE, US06, simulated SC03, Cold CO, 505, UDDS, 2xUDDS, EUDC, WLTP, WMTC, Japan 1015, JC08 and USPS
  • SAE J2263 Coast Down and SAE J2264 Dynamometer Road Load Determination Testing
  • AC17F exhaust system temperature profile testing
  • Deterioration Factor (DF) service accumulation
  • Electric vehicle range testing
  • ASTM D5500 Intake Valve Deposit Testing (BMW IVD Test)
  • Periodic Injector Flow (PFI) restriction measurement

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Emissions Laboratory

TRC has emissions testing capabilities, including exhaust and evaporative emissions testing within our 24,000-square-foot (2,230-square-meters) emissions laboratory. The laboratory is located in Building C on the grounds of TRC’s Research Park and provides engine- and chassis dynamometer-based exhaust emissions and fuel economy testing.The laboratory which is located in Building C on the grounds of Transportation Research Center’s (the Center) Research Park. The Laboratory provides engine- and chassis dynamometer-based exhaust emissions and fuel economy testing.

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Emissions Laboratory