TRC Inc.'s impact simulator is housed in a 25,000-square-foot building on TRC’s proving ground, which is designed and operated for proprietary testing, data reliability, and accuracy. The HYGE sled test area is 88 feet (27 m) wide and 95 feet (29 m) long, with a deceleration area 35 feet (10.7 m) wide and 142 feet (43 m) long. A 15-foot (4.6 m) clearance above the track exists for tall payloads. Depending upon the orientation of the test article(s), the crash loads can be applied to any axis. The system can generate a gross thrust of 750,000 pounds (3,336 kN), which is capable of accelerating a payload of 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg) to 71 mph (114 kph) and attain a peak acceleration of 44 G’s. Peak accelerations of 100 G’s and velocities of 100 mph (161 kph) can be attained with lighter payloads.


  • Frontal Impact Simulation
  • Rear Impact Simulation
  • Side Impact Simulation
  • Biomechanics Research
  • Multiple Sled Pins
    • Produces a wide variety of acceleration pulses

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