Stability Control & Brake System Evaluation

TRC Inc. offers a full range of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and certification testing. Our Applied Vehicle Dynamics team specializes in Brake system certification and testing on motorcycles, passenger, and commercial vehicles in the FMVSS 100 series certification test procedures as well as related NCAP, CMVSS, European and custom test programs. TRC Inc. provides well-planned and organized test services in an accurate and timely manner to meet the compliance testing needs of manufacturers and government agencies. For your compliance and certification comparisons, and brake research and development needs, TRC Inc. offers a safe and secure environment with consistent test surfaces.


  • FMVSS (static and dynamic)
  • Crashworthiness Economic Commission of Europe (EEC, ECE)
  • Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS)


  • FMVSS 105
  •       FMVSS 121
  •       FMVSS 122
  •       FMVSS 126
  •       FMVSS 135
  •       FMVSS 136
  •       NCAP Fishhook
  •       Double lane change

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