ASTM Skid Measurement

TRC Inc. owns and operates an ASTM E274 Locked Wheel Friction Tester (LWFT). The LWFT is used to perform skid testing on various surfaces across the US to confirm the friction levels to various ASTM Test Standards. It is also used as a standard to correlate other LWFTs to and is validated annually. TRC Inc. also offers consulting services regarding friction measurement. TRC has long been represented on ASTM E17 committee and our staff are familiar with the testing standards and the application of the data collected.


  • Tire Traction Testing
    • This testing can be performed with the LWFT by mounting the customer’s tire on the LWFT and performing PBC and/or Slide Testing on various controlled surfaces.
  • DOT Calibration & Correlation at TRC
    • State DOTs operate their own LWFTs. TRC Inc. is one of two centers in the US that perform the annual calibration, correlation and maintenance of these systems. Once all subsystems are calibrated, the DOT’s LWFT is operated on controlled test surfaces with the TRC LWFT Standard to determine a correlation.
    • Onsite calibration of LWFTs using TRC Inc.'s dedicated spaces for the force measurements and water delivery subsystems
  • Surface Testing
    • Performed with the TRC LWFT at other Proving Grounds and on public roads as needed for confirmation of available friction.  The testing is custom tailored to the customer’s need.  Litigation can be supported with the friction data collected using the LWFT



  • ASTM E1337 Peak Brake Coefficient (PBC) Testing with the ASTM F2493 Standard Reference Test Tire (SRTT)
    • The Peak Test helps determine the maximum friction level available before the tire starts to exceed the limit. Dynamic Testing standards such as FMVSS and others have minimum and maximum requirements for a test surface.  Testing can be done wet or dry.  Wet testing can be done with onboard water delivery or on a pre-wetted surface.
  • ASTM E274 Slide Test with both the ASTM E501 Rib Tire and ASTM E524 Smooth Tire
    • Slide Tests are used to determine the available friction of a test surface usually when wetted; however, they can be tested dry as well. Wet testing with both Test Tires gives a better understanding of the microtexture and macrotexture of the surface.

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