Corrosion and Environmental Testing

TRC’s extensive proving ground offers comprehensive corrosion testing. We can etch, corrode, deteriorate, wear and decay just about any exposed materials in open or semi-open systems. Bare steel weight loss coupons are installed with nylon fasteners on the vehicle’s underbody or in other strategic locations. Components can be tested either on a complete vehicle or as attachments to a towed trailer. Corrosion schedules can be designed to accommodate the type of component or material being tested. Materials can be subjected to our corrosion-aging test facilities for accelerated corrosion, including salt spray, salt bath, chip road, troughs of water with stone dust and fire clay, gravel roads and environmental chambers.

Our corrosion testing services are supplemented our ability to create and manage remote driving programs in locations with environmental conditions relevant to a test protocol. Environmental testing can include operation in extreme climates for precipitation, temperature, and altitude to evaluate vehicle and system performance and contribute to vehicle development. 


  • Environmental Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Custom Test Programs


  • SAE J1950 Corrosion
  • Custom Corrosion Testing

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Salt Spray Road, Stone Chipping Road, Curb Impact, & Chuckholes

The Salt Spray Road, Stone Chipping Road, Curb Impact & Chuckholes area consists of parallel 20-foot (6 m) x 990-foot (301 m) lanes. One lane consists of both high and low spray saline solution, 3 percent by volume. The other lane provides a vehicle-testing course that allows customers to distribute any specification of grit in a controlled manner to allow stone chipping of test vehicles.

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Salt Spray Road, Stone Chipping Road, Curb Impact, & Chuckholes

Paved Rough Road Courses & Salt Bath

The Paved Rough Roads & Salt Bath are ideal for durability testing of passenger cars to sport-utility vehicles, and is comprised of 855 ft. (260.0 m) of light duty and 1,215 ft. (370.3 m) of medium-duty concrete bumps imbedded in a 4,200-ft. (1280.1 m) asphalt roadway. The 60-ft. (18.2 m) by 14-ft. (4.2 m) Salt Bath is adjustable from 3-in. (76.2 mm) to 15-in. (381 mm) deep.

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Paved Rough Road Courses & Salt Bath