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TRC Granted Eligibility for Federal Research Projects Aimed at Improving Emerging Vehicle Electronics Technologies

TRC Granted Eligibility for Federal Research Projects Aimed at Improving Emerging Vehicle Electronics Technologies

TRC receives 5-year task order contract for research to help reduce crashes by evaluating vehicle electronic systems

EAST LIBERTY, OH – The Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.), in partnership with the Ohio State University, UCLA, Toxcel, Galois, DG Tech and Battelle, has been granted eligibility by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to compete for research projects aimed at reducing crashes by evaluating how vehicle electronic subsystems can affect vehicle safety risk and what countermeasures can minimize that risk.

The overall objective of NHTSA’s Research program is to provide automotive industry stakeholders with information, analyses and tools to help advance the safe development and deployment of these systems and, when appropriate, removing regulatory barriers that may prevent introduction of advanced technology systems..

A federal task order contract makes the partnership eligible to apply for a diverse range of highway-safety research projects to be sponsored by NHTSA over the next five years.  The TRC Inc. partnership is one of only five research teams nationwide to receive approval to conduct these studies. The nature and cost of individual projects to result from the contract will be announced as each is awarded.

“These advancing automotive technologies are quickly shaping the future of transportation and TRC Inc. is excited about the opportunity to work with our federal partners to evaluate these emerging technologies and help reduce errors and save lives,” said Brett Roubinek, president and CEO of TRC Inc.. 

Under the contract, TRC Inc. and their partners will be eligible to apply for seven major research areas performed through NHTSA’s Office of Vehicle Crash Avoidance & Electronic Controls Research. Including evaluating ADAS and ADS vehicle operations and performance in a virtual test environment, electronic control and component-level testing support to examine performance, durability and operational characteristics of individual components such as such as sensors, actuators and electro-mechanical components, analysis of vehicle data collected through on-road studies, motor vehicle crash data analysis and modeling, cybersecurity preparedness and vehicle safety communications for connected vehicle technologies..

TRC, North America’s most advanced independent automotive testing facility and proving grounds, has been an acknowledged leader in transportation research and innovation since 1972.  Located on 4,500 acres in East Liberty, Ohio, TRC offers the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, systems makers, and other transportation innovators a full range of engineering, research and testing capabilities as well as compliance and certification testing.  TRC Inc. recently extended its capabilities with a long-term agreement to enhance and operate the California AutoTech Testing and Development Center.


For more information about TRC Inc. and the new TRC California testing and research center, contact:


Jim Lynch

(614) 832-7295

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