Forward Looking

Forward Looking

Forward Looking

Looking ahead to the future of transportation

TRC and Ohio – lead nation in smart mobility

Emerging technologies and infrastructures – the future of transportation – has always been a part of TRC’s heritage. From the 1970s to today, we continue to utilize and build on our expertise and extensive experience in automotive research and development to provide engineering solutions to the next generations of mobility.

Smart City – the future of mobility

Our latest endeavor is part of one of the biggest transformations in the automotive industry in more than a century – vehicle autonomy. Columbus, Ohio is leading the nation in smart mobility – and the TRC team is helping to make it a reality.

In June 2016, out of 117 cities, Columbus was granted $40 million by the U.S. Department of Transportation to become a “Smart City,” “a fully integrated, first-of-its-kind city that uses data, technology and creativity to shape how people and goods move in the future.” Read More

Autonomous vehicles will intermingle with non-autonomous, human-driven vehicles with an enhanced infrastructure that will allow vehicles to talk to each other in a very consistent and reliable way. The nation’s first intelligent corridor will run from East Liberty, Ohio (home of TRC) to Columbus, along Route 33.

The foundation for that infrastructure is being put in place right now. TRC will provide the contained proving grounds to test the new smart mobility technology, vehicles and infrastructure as well as a team of experts to prepare for deployment on public roads, with public safety a top priority.

This is just one of the many TRC projects that keep us on the cutting edge of advanced transportation research and development.

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