TRC Inc. Joins OmniAir Consortium

TRC Inc. Joins OmniAir Consortium

The Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC) has joined the international OmniAir Consortium, a leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification of smart mobility technologies and connected vehicles.

“Collaboration is key to advancing the new technologies that are transforming the automotive industry today and our advanced mobility experts look forward to sharing their testing insights with consortium members,” said TRC President and CEO Brett Roubinek.

According to Roubinek, TRC engineers, test drivers and other technical specialists are skilled at conducting a full range of testing and research services, including autonomous and connected mobility tests.  The facility’s test environments provide for customizable testing of advanced vehicles and systems in a closed, contained environment where innovators can evaluate the safety and performance of their designs under almost every condition.

In 2019, TRC opened its new complex to test and automated and connected vehicles. The 540-acre SMARTCenter provides transportation innovators unrivalled opportunities to test their advanced mobility technologies in a safe, secure and repeatable real-world environment on a roadway complex specially designed for testing automated and connected vehicle systems. The SMARTCenter’s high-speed straightaways and cityscape courses provide testing and evaluation on a variety of intersection types, roundabouts, access ramps and other navigational situations that are encountered in everyday driving, all before these vehicles and components are taken onto public roads and highways. 

Since 1974, TRC has been an acknowledged leader in transportation research and innovation, providing a full range of engineering and automotive research expertise to the world’s leading OEMs, suppliers and systems innovators. TRC’s 4,500-acre campus in East Liberty, Ohio offers North America’s most advanced automotive testing facilities and providing grounds along with a comprehensive array of research and evaluation services. As a fully independent, 501c3 nonprofit organization, TRC provides these services with the strictest respect for each client’s security, confidentially and proprietary interests.

TRC’s Allison Kender Recognized as Emerging Leader in the Automotive Industry

Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation has honored TRC administrator for her significant early-career contributions to the mobility and automotive industry

EAST LIBERTY, OH – Allison Kender, executive director of administration and director of technical services at the Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC), has been honored as recipient of the 2020 Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation’s Emerging Leader award.  The award is presented annually to an individual who has been in their career less than ten years and has already made significant contributions to encourage and support women in the mobility and automotive industry. 

“It is a distinct honor to receive this recognition from my peers in the industry and from an organization dedicated to advancing and empowering women in our profession,” Kender said.  She received her award this evening at the Foundation’s annual Holiday event, held virtually this year.

TRC President and CEO Brett Roubinek said, “All of us at the Transportation Research Center Inc. congratulate Allison and take pride in her well-deserved achievement.  Her work here has made her a nationally recognized leader in helping create and sustain a diverse automotive industry.”

Kender joined TRC in 2014 as a research engineer and currently leads a consortium of public- and private-sector automotive leaders to provide the research needed to inform the design for occupant safety systems that emerging automated driving technologies will require.  Prior to working at TRC, Kender held positions with several Fortune 500 companies, including General Mills, Unilever, General Motors and Amgen.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Columbia University and her master’s degree in business from The Ohio State University.

TRC, North America’s largest, most advanced independent automotive testing facility and proving grounds, has been an acknowledged leader in transportation research and innovation since 1972.  Located on 4,500 acres in East Liberty, Ohio, TRC offers the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, systems makers, and other transportation innovators a full range of engineering, research and testing capabilities as well as compliance and certification testing. 

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