TRC Inc. exploits its VDA


Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.) has hosted two events on its Vehicle Dynamics Area this fall which have helped hone the relationship between TRC Inc. and The Ohio State University (OSU). The two events were OSU Board Member Family Fun Day and an OSU Visit consisting of the Dean’s External Advisory Board and key Engineering faculty.

During both occasions, TRC Inc. team members hosted four Ride and Drive events on its Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA), including Hot Laps, Distracted Driving Challenge, Skid Control Challenge, and Mini Autocross Challenge. TRC Inc. driver training instructors and faculty monitored each event, ensuring the safety of participants, passengers and viewers.

While people participated in the Ride and Drive events, TRC Inc. personnel provided groups with facility tours. Some of the OSU guests had never seen any of Transportation Research Center’s (The Center) facilities; thus, these events were a benefit to OSU personnel, as well as the collaboration of TRC Inc. and OSU.