TRC Inc. on Distracted Driving


On February 18, 2016, Transportation Research Center Inc.’s (TRC Inc.) Roger Schroer, development driver and manager of TRC Inc. Performance Driving School, spoke on the topic “Distracted Driving” at the Logan County Safety Council meeting.

“Serious traffic accidents, due to distracted driving, have unfortunately become commonplace,” said Schroer. “As a result, we decided a few years ago to add an event to the Kids-N-Keys Safe Driving Program (KNK’s) to impress upon them [teen students] the dangers of texting while driving.”

TRC Inc. hosted the Logan County Safety Committee (LCSC) meeting on TRC’s Vehicle Dynamics Area facility. During the committee’s hour-long meeting, TRC Inc. instructors were able to present a condensed version of the Distracted Driving training to approximately ten persons. According to Schroer, the participants were impressed with the demonstration and gave supportive comments.

“Our [TRC Inc.] instructors ride along as the students maneuver through a defined driving course, both with and without the distraction of cell phone use,” said Schroer. “And, the result is generally dramatic enough to convince the teens to set aside their phones while driving.”

As the leading independent automotive proving ground, TRC Inc. team members aim to keep drivers safe while behind the wheel. The KNK’s program is one way TRC Inc. does that. In collaboration with Honda, TRC Inc. offers KNK’s classes to TRC Inc. and Honda employees, including their immediate families.

As a lead instructor since 1988, Schroer has proven his skill as a test development driver for high speed and limit handling, while serving as instructor for Honda’s highest driving certification for Honda groups in North America, as well as TRC Inc. certifications.

KNK’s instructors include George Bittner and Ron Logan. TRC Inc. driving instructor, Jason Church, (along with Bittner) also serves as an accomplished instructor for both Honda and TRC Inc. certifications.

LCSC is a monthly program hosted by the Logan County Chamber of Commerce. For more information on TRC Inc. driving programs, please contact Roger Schroer, 937-666-2011 ext. 315; or, for KNK’s, Christy Bensman, 937-666-2011 ext. 354.