OSU Job Shadow Day


On Friday, March 18, 2016, Transportation Research Center (TRC Inc.) hosted approximately 25 engineering students from OSU for a Job Shadow Day. The Job Shadow Program through OSU gives students an opportunity to take one day out of their spring break to spend time at an employer’s site to observe engineers and learn more about professional roles in the engineering field. In return, TRC Inc. has the opportunity to promote its organization and introduce the TRC Inc. Internship Program to young and upcoming professionals.

The day began with an overview of the organization, which Mark-Tami Hotta, TRC Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer, and Tim Leckey, Chief Marketing Officer, presented to the group. After the students were given time enough to ask questions, everyone set off for a tour of the outdoor facilities, which almost all of the students were seeing for the first time.

Following the tour, students and TRC Inc. team members gathered together for lunch and presentations. At this time, the students were able to learn more about the internship program. TRC employees Taylor Manahan, Zach Gibson, Evan See and Ty Peek spoke about their internship experience with TRC Inc. and what led them to come back to TRC Inc. after completing their schooling.

After this, the students split up into two groups and alternated between visiting all of the TRC laboratories and participating in driving events on the TRC Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA). TRC Inc. driving instructors and managers conducted and oversaw all driving events, which included:

Hot Laps – ride-along event consisting of drifting in a driver training car.

Autocross – ride-along or drive event on a coned course.

SkidCar – drive event working on skidding and braking, backing, and turning.

Distracted Driving – event which educates students of their reaction time while texting.

TRC Inc. received many comments after the event from students thanking TRC Inc. members for the amazing day they had. One student said, “Thank you so much for the job shadow opportunity I had a blast! I never knew one company could do so many things and have endless opportunities. TRC was by far my favorite job shadow to go on this week. You and your team did an excellent job to make it a great learning experience and fun for everyone.”

The Intern Team has received more than 100 resumes from students interested in interning with TRC Inc. This summer, TRC Inc. is offering 25 internships to students in engineering or business related fields, which is the most TRC Inc. has ever had. The TRC Inc. Internship Team hope that this number will continue to grow as TRC Inc. expands its facilities and opportunities for professionals beginning their careers.