Fly onto TRC

Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.) facilities team maintains many testing surfaces for various types of vehicles, ranging from scooters to semi-trucks and trailers. Therefore, many TRC surfaces are multi-purpose, such as the Skid Pad, which serves not only as a testing surface, but as a landing pad for small aircrafts.

Approximately every five years, TRC Inc. updates a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) form to maintain the Skid Pad’s status as a landing strip on the FAA Detroit Sectional Aeronautical Chart. This Sectional Aeronautical Chart is available to all pilots as the primary navigational reference medium used by the pilot community.

TRC Inc. employees will update the FAA form on a five-year cycle, updating any changes to the facility, such as lighting, signage, windsock, fencing, trees, or any other obstructions. TRC Inc. employees will then send the form to the FAA to update its records for the Detroit Sectional Aeronautical Chart. The FAA will also provide updates to the Global Positioning System (GPS), which operates in my aircrafts today.

The TRC landing strip is listed as private. Therefore, TRC Inc. needs to pre-approve any non-emergency landing. Unauthorized landings will face possible penalties and sanctions from the FAA.

In addition to the five-year annual maintenance, TRC Inc. must perform frequent inspections throughout the year. TRC Inc. facilities team looks for any abnormalities, such as deteriorating concrete or cracking of the surface. If any condition which needs attention is noted, the facilities technician will prepare and submit a work order to repair the task. TRC Inc. Facilities Supervisor will monitor the work order and ensure its completion.

If you have any questions or wish to know more about the landing pad, please contact Rick Powers, 937-666-2011 Ext. 443.