Grounds Improvements


Throughout the years, Transportation Research Center (TRC) has transformed into one of the largest and most diverse proving grounds in the world. This would not have been possible without continuous improvement to its facilities.

Under the terms of our Management Agreement, Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.) exclusively schedules the facilities and equipment of TRC. This is no small task! TRC contains approximately 150 lane miles of road surfaces and 328,000 square feet of building space.

In August 2015, TRC Inc. resurfaced the ISO Noise Pad, which is designed to meet ISO 10844 standards. The ISO Noise Pad was deemed in compliance at its last certification in 2014; however, the engineering assessment conducted with the recertification concluded that surface distortion is likely to continue, resulting in its recent resurfacing.

Annual extensive facility upgrades are made through maintenance and repair, procurement of equipment, and facility construction, based on customer survey feedback. Although TRC Inc. customers define a large portion of pavement performance feedback, the pavements must also meet additional regulatory compliance performance requirements, including specific limits for texture and friction.

In addition to its Durability and Dynamics facilities, TRC Inc. must also maintain and improve its Laboratory Operations capabilities. Laboratory Operations recently received upgrades in both the Impact Laboratory and the Emissions Laboratory. The Impact Laboratory gained the calibration capability of a Hybrid III 10-year-old child dummy. The Emissions Laboratory upgraded the computer control system of the Test Cell 2 Horiba dynamometer, and set up a new engine test stand using a GM LHU engine in Test Cell 1.