Message from the President


I would like to thank Jeff Sprague for his leadership as Interim President, the whole TRC team’s efforts during the transition period, and most significantly the support and loyalty from all our partners and customers.

It’s been approximately 90 days since joining TRC Inc., and I am delighted to be here. I have been impressed by the tremendous assets, tremendous support, and tremendous potential. Opportunities abound. I am looking forward to our journey together Driving Toward a Great Future.

Our goal is to be the center of choice for all our customers, partners, employees, and investors. We are grateful when we are the #1 choice. We recognize that when we are not, it is a challenge and call to action to be better — much better — to strive to be the best in the world at what we do. We are holding ourselves to the expectations that our mindset, our behaviors, and culture are always customer focused, forward looking, respectful, proactive, and growth oriented.

A place where our customers see us as their best place to test and validate their vehicles
A place where our customers are treated well and love to come
A place where our partners see an opportunity for their growth and success
A place where our “competitors” see us as collaborators for win-win scenarios
A place where mobility research is advanced and the talent is attracted to
A place where investors see as a wise choice to prioritize their investments
A place which is a magnet for the mobility industry
A place where people of all ages want to be due to the personal growth opportunities we provide
A place where our team is unleashed to be all that they can and more

We hope to leverage the power of collaboration more than ever before. I feel there is virtually unlimited potential to leverage the vast capabilities of The Ohio State University, JobsOhio, Columbus2020, and our numerous customers and potential business collaboration partners, including those who may feel like “competitors” today.

Thanks again for your support in the past, and looking forward to Driving Toward a Great Future.