TRC Inc. Hosts SAE Dayton Section


Who can’t benefit from a little driver training? TRC Inc. hosted 40 members of the Dayton, OH chapter of SAE on May 27, 2010, with several hours of driver training courses. The exciting event was built around some of the performance driver training classes that TRC Inc. has developed and used in our high performance driving classes for our customers’ engineering staff.

Some of the vehicle control exercises that the members had the opportunity to try included:

Threshold Braking-provides drivers with practice decelerating at tire limits and comparison between ABS to non-ABS as well as demonstrates tire lock-up
Skid Control-gives drivers an understanding of vehicle reactions at the limit in our SkidCar©
Slalom Course-handling course used to teach hand-eye coordination and transient effects for vehicle dynamics
Braking / Turning-simulates two-lane highway with obstacles for drivers to experience evasive handling when combined with braking and turning
Kart Driving-a competitive go-kart handling course
Ride & Drives-“hot laps” conducted on the Dynamic Handling Course
Tours-facility tours of the Center’s expansive Proving Grounds

Events like this are available to complement product demonstrations or for a memorable team-building activity.