Expanding Our Customer Contacts


One way that Transportation Research Center Inc. meets potential new customers is to have booths at industry trade shows and meetings. Such events are sponsored by industry organizations like SAE (formerly known at the Society of Automotive Engineers), the US Government, and industry publications. Whether they are named as conferences, congresses, symposiums, colloquiums or trade shows, these meetings provide engineers, regulators and researchers the opportunity to work together to discuss problems, share ideas and develop solutions to make transportation products safer and more reliable.

Jeff Sprague, Brad Bean, and Teri Elliot recently attended the SAE Commercial Vehicle Congress in Chicago where they met with representatives from many heavy duty vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. There were about 2,000 members in attendance. Brad and Teri also served as organizers for technical sessions where papers written by SAE members were presented for chassis and suspension systems, and for vehicle and component design and development influences. They also participated in committee meetings to update and create new SAE technical standards.

SAE International has more than 121,000 members who are engineers, business executives, educators, and students from more than 97 countries, advancing the engineering of mobility systems in designing, building, maintaining, and operating self-propelled vehicles for use on land or sea, in air or space.