Audible Driver Instruction System


TRC Inc. has acquired an Audible Driver Instruction System (ADIS), which is used in durability test vehicles to provide audible driving directions to our drivers testing on the Center’s roadways. Developed to enhance driver safety and test accuracy, the driver receives audio commands based on the vehicle’s Global Positioning System (GPS) location, instead of relying on the drivers’ ability to memorize the driving cycle.

The ADIS includes a ruggedized notebook computer, a GPS receiver and an interface to receive signals from the vehicle’s main computer. The mounting system, because of its orientation, allows limited access to the computer keyboard and the touch screen display goes black when the vehicle is in motion. The mounting system has been crash tested and has shown to restrain the system in the event of a crash. The ADIS must be programmed with the GPS locations of test track segments, and then driving instructions are programmed using a spreadsheet-type interface. A voice reads the instructions at the appropriate GPS location, while the system records the driver’s speed, position, engine speed, and throttle position for later review. TRC Inc. has assembled 23 ADIS and is capable of writing driving programs for our customer’s test modes that are specifically adapted to our test roadways.

To fully utilize the ADIS, TRC Inc. must be able to access the vehicle’s Controller Area Network (CAN) through the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) II port and at a minimum be able to discern the vehicle speed. The instructions we provide to drivers are speed changes, transmission shifting, accessory operation (such as AC or radio, lights) and other commands that are important to the customer.

The new program has proven to increase the accuracy of durability driving programs.